Full Stack Engineer

Project established in 2010. Evolved to provide on-demand transport and lifestyle services that move the city. Operates in over 50 cities across Southeast Asia.

Now: 3 Million+ orders everyday, 2 million+ drivers, 18+ Products, 200+ engineers.

Stack: Clojure, Golang, gRPC, Ruby, Kotlin, Swift and Java.

Salary: 80 000 - 120 000 SGD (Singapore dollars) + Relocation

Locations: Bangkok, Bali, Indonesia, Jakarta


  • Working with your team and product owner to refine and develop the product direction and implementation.
  • Writing great quality, scalable, maintainable code. Building and managing fully automated build/test/deployment environments.
  • Ensuring all code is thoroughly covered by automated tests and that all features meet quality checks before deployment.
  • Deploying, monitoring, maintaining and fixing products in production.
  • Translate business requirements into scalable and extensible design.
  • Pair with team members on functional and nonfunctional requirements and spread design philosophy and goals across the team.
  • Proactively manage stakeholder communication related to deliverables, risks, changes and dependencies.


  • 5+ years of relevant software development experience with consumer/enterprise products with hands-on experience in designing, developing, testing and deploying applications for large-scale applications Proficiency in OOP, SQL, Design Patterns. Experience with functional programming is a plus.
  • Data modelling experience in Relational and NoSQL databases.
  • Understand and implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Being well versed with Agile methodologies,TDD is a plus.
  • Experience troubleshooting server performance - memory issues, GC tuning, resource leaks etc.
  • Excellent understanding of interactive application development paradigm, memory management, performance/resource optimizations, database interactions, network programming, concurrency and multithreading, fault tolerance, monitoring, security and operability of systems.
  • Passion to learn new things, solve challenging problems.
  • Ability to Get Stuff Done!

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