I’ll do a statistical analysis of HR service data. Calculate the indicators: the cost and time of selection, the period of work in the organization.

Why HR Analyst is needed

  1. Understand the causes of staff turnover
  2. Analyse social and formal data
  3. Improve the recruitment of staff
  4. Reduce costs of personnel search
  5. Identify inefficient use of the budget
  6. Find new sources of personnel growth and development
  7. Analytics is necessary for business development strategy
  8. Increase competitive advantage over competitors

Who needs an HR analyst

  • Business owners
  • Company management
  • HR director of the company

The customer gets

  • Report
  • Presentation
  • Infographics.
  • Processed and cleared data


  • Programming language R, R Studio
  • Markdown, HTML, CSS, Javascript libraries for visualization

In which situations HR Analyst is needed

  • The HR department needs to make a report or presentation;
  • An alternative data check is needed;
  • Due to technical and software limitations in the office it is not possible to process the data;
  • None of the employees were engaged in HR analysis.

It is very easy to order a search for personnel, just fill out a simple form. Your application will be considered at once and I will contact you to clarify your questions.

For companies that have an office(s) in Russia, they are ready to cooperate under a consulting services agreement. The contract and two annexes to the contract are archived and made available to the public.

It is important to know

I understand that it is difficult to dare to entrust the information about the company’s employees to an outsider, so the confidentiality is fixed before the start of the work. In addition, I will tell you how to make the information stop being personal.
Unfortunately, I will not be able to help if you need to prepare a report by the end of the working week. And I will not collect information about specific employees - the same law on personal data

Benefits for business

  • Freelance data officer.
  • Analytical support for human resources management services.
  • Identification of weaknesses in the human resources management system.
  • Results for strategic decision making.

My benefits

  • Experience with R since 2014
  • Initiated and analyzed data in several companies.

Service and support

  • Analysis of the request, as well as the initial data
  • Identification of statistical results and trends.
  • Reporting on the work done.

Contact me!

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