I will find for: programmers; DS, ML, CV, devops, system, network and database engineers; architects; analysts; PM; PO; digital specialists.

Whom I’m looking for and how

Looking for: programmers; engineers DS, ML, CV; devops engineers; system engineers; network and database engineers; architects; analysts; product managers; product owners; testers; internet marketers; smm and seo specialists; designers; copywriters; UI/UX specialists; specialists who develop, implement, train and support ERP and CRM systems. I work on the project on a full cycle from the application to the appearance of the candidate for work and support during the trial period. I hire candidates with the help of the following resources: LinkedIn; Github; Stack Overflow; Facebook, Twitter, Moi Krug; VK; Codepen; Telegram; Slack; Behance and other specialized sites. I use boolean search and x-ray search in yandex, google and duckduckgo search engines. In addition, several python scripts are available to search for contacts and candidate profiles. I select candidates in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and other Eastern European countries.

They work with me when:

  • Recruiters do not know where to look for candidates;
  • There is no regular recruiter;
  • The HR manager is focused on management tasks;
  • The company has a lot of vacancies and needs additional resources;
  • The search on the job sites did not bring results.

How I work with candidates

For candidates I ask projective and open questions. I learn about them from the informal side, including professional and material motivation. Learn more about the details of work on projects, about the role of the candidate in the project. In the resume of the candidate do not make changes to the resume of the candidate only that he wrote himself. I supplement my CV with a cover letter in which I describe the candidate in detail and his work experience.

It is very easy to order a search for personnel, just fill out a simple form. Your application will be considered at once and I will contact you to clarify your questions.

For companies that have an office(s) in Russia, they are ready to cooperate under a consulting services agreement. The contract and two annexes to the contract are archived and made available to the public.

Benefits for business

  • There is no need to pay for: wages, taxes, fees, rent, furniture, equipment, internet, sick leave, overtime.
  • I work immediately in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe.
  • Specialized approach.
  • Minimal bureaucracy.
  • Work directly with the performer, without intermediaries.
  • Payment for the result.
  • Knowledge of IT-specialists market.
  • I conduct interviews and interviews in the evening and early in the morning and at weekends, the work does not stop.
  • There is no need to pay for access to work sites and paid services.
  • There is no need to organize specialized trainings.

My benefits

  • Experience in recruiting since 2005.
  • Search on the basis of resumes from open sources: social networks, messengers, forums, recommendations.
  • Search with special search queries boolean search, x-ray search, as well as python scripts.
  • First resumes in the first week of work.
  • Free advertising of HR-brand of the employer.
  • Automation of the search process.

Service and support

  • Diagnosis of needs and formation of the candidate’s profile.
  • Search, selection and interviewing of candidates.
  • Introduction of candidates, support in organizing a meeting.
  • Support at the stage of discussion of the offer, entry to work, as well as the trial period.

Contact me!

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