Create an advertising campaign for vacancies or employer’s brand in social networks to attract personnel and increase recognition.

Why do we need targeted advertising

I can launch an advertising campaign in social networks of Russian-speaking Internet. Targeted advertising in social networks will help to attract more and faster candidates, as well as create a positive image of the employer’s hr brand.
Advertising placed on such resources as: VKontakte; Facebook; LinkedIn; Instagram; YouTube;; Odnoklassniki.
I collect and segment the target audience, launch test advertising, and then analyze KPI: the cost of the vacancy/price of the vacancy; the amount of traffic; traffic quality.

Who needs advertising in social networks:

  • Few candidates apply for jobs;
  • Vacancies are not filled by the candidates that were expected;
  • Mass hiring is going on for working specialties;
  • It is necessary to attract the attention of the target audience to the organization;
  • It is necessary to increase the recognition of the company.

Targeted advertising will not help

If you need to urgently find a highly specialized professional in a rare field, but still contact me, we will discuss how I can help.

What I know and can

  • I know how to save a budget and create successful ads.
  • I know how to set up end-to-end analytics, and if necessary I will make a special section of vacancies and place ads.
  • I can analyze data and make reports
  • I can make my own decisions

How I’m working on a project

  1. discussion with the customer of the task for the advertising company
  2. Signing a contract and setting up accounts in social networks.
  3. Launching a test advertising campaign. Discussion with the customer.
  4. Launch of the main advertising campaign. Monitoring of results, correction of announcements and reports to the customer.
  5. Signing of the certificate of work performed.

It is very easy to order a search for personnel, just fill out a simple form. Your application will be considered at once and I will contact you to clarify your questions.

For companies that have an office(s) in Russia, they are ready to cooperate under a consulting services agreement. The contract and two annexes to the contract are archived and made available to the public.

Business benefits

  • Wide audience coverage.
  • The flow of candidates is increasing.
  • The speed of closing vacancies increases.
  • The time and cost of searching for candidates are reduced.
  • Advertising will be seen by those candidates who are not on the job sites.
  • Increase of awareness of the company’s HR-brand.
  • Vacancies will start to work actively, not just hang on the work site.
  • Analysis and statistics will help to better understand the profile of candidates.

My advantages

  • I know how to create and run advertising campaigns.
  • I can identify and find CA.
  • I can set up data collection for end-to-end analytics.
  • Can interpret data.

Contact me!

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